Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Hello everyone,

I'm new to this whole "blogging" thing.  I plan to use this platform to catalog certain experiences and projects as they materialize.  Hopefully someone will derive some sort of entertainment or practical knowledge from it.

I was lazy today and slept in for the first time in a very long time.  Having recently completed my contract at Tate & Lyle as a QC technician, I've been looking for things to occupy my time until my next job.  I have been considering military service, pursuing an advanced degree, or finding a job in either the food or chemical industries.

My recent endeavor has been brewing beer, and I'm currently listening to the bubbles evolve from the airlock on my fermenter.  The batch of brown ale is fermenting, and I'm going to start the Scottish ale once I'm done with this post.

The Beersmith software that I purchased looks promising in terms of its catalog of ingredients and recipe development functionality.  At $28, I consider it to be quite valuable.  Eventually I want to evaluate the possibility of commercializing the hobby, but that will be some time down the road.  I'm focusing on fundamentals for now.


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